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Default Re: bait and switch?

WOW - Thanks Spooky.
be well

Originally Posted by lindaspooky View Post

When I went on the website they did not show a $20 card. I only knew about it from these boards. I had emailed and asked about it and Iris said she would reserve one for me. The amount of time you get on a card will vary based on the time you place your calls. I think the rates range from .38 to .43 a minute, not sure of the text rate. I believe they actually told me I would get about 48 minutes for the $20 card. Also, with digicel I don't think they round up to full minutes. So if your call is 30 seconds that's all you pay for.

I just checked my cell from last year. I put in $40, total minutes used was 134. Now I don't know if the call timers include me calling to checking my balances or not. But I do know I used got more than 48 minutes on each card.

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