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Default Re: bait and switch?

Originally Posted by arubabob View Post
We know we are probably in the minority on the phone issue but we feel sorry for the folks that HAVE to have a phone handy on Aruba.

My phones ring constantly all day long at my office. My cel rings at lunch or in the car. When we go to Aruba, we dont take a phone, we dont rent a phone and we dont buy a Setar card. We never want to hear a phone ring on vacation. I have a competent person in charge of my office when I am gone and dont need to check up on them. We do use the phone booth behind the Alhambra casino a few times to see if the family(really checking to make sure the cats are being taken good care of) is doing OK. 25 cents a minute. Cant beat it. Open from 3 to 11.

The kids have the phone number to the condo/hotel so if there is an emergency, they can let us know.
I plan on renting a phone in Aruba (contacted arubadiscountcell on the advice of friends) as I have a daughter that will be only 13 months old during our vacation. I plan on using a babysitter and need to be able to check in with her and also have her be able to contact me. My sisters are also joining us on the trip and so it's nice to be able to all do our own thing at times but be in touch and coordinate our plans.
I had recently read about arubafastphones and am not sure if there's a difference between the two companies except that arubadiscountcell seems cheaper. Is arubafastphones the only one which will provide a phone number in advance? I assume they are both using Setar network? Is there any difference except price? Thanks.
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