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I Love Aruba Re: A warning

>>> " I only use a credit card at Ling's and at my timeshare."
----- Ditto! Would never use a debit card out of the country except at a BANK ATM. At Lings my credit card is processed right at the cash registers and never leaves my sight. Usually carry American Express Travel Checks for restaurants and front desk and casinos will cash them.

>>> "so you can be carefull"
---- I am always carefull. After any travel I always go on line to check all my/our accounts/cards.
Once found a charge on one of my wife's credit card after she was traveling out WEST to a Quilters Show/School.
It was for $1,200.00 and from a town like 20 miles from where she was. Called the credit card company and they can tell when a card was not used and charge was done manually. Charge was reversed over the phone and didn't have to fill out any paperwork.
So any card can be compromised. Around here(Maryland) there has been many reports of someone putting little readers on the ATM machines to read your card. So watch where you stitck your card these days.

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