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tom and elaine, when you live on the island as much as aquaman does since he owns a house there, he doesn't want to rack up big credit card debt or bring large quantities of cash.

as to never leaving your sight, tom, my credit card was compromised at a restaurant in frederick maryland while i stood at the counter watching it being processed. it was one of two times that my card was compromised. i had no control over either circumstance. btw, the palm held scanners are small enough to be easily concealed. i am living proof of that. a debit card doesn't leave your hands most of the time either. you are there holding the card, swiping it yourself and no one but you puts the pin number in.

i hate seeing the victim taking blame for something that is totally our of our control. let's blame the criminal as it should be. remember, every time you hand your card, debit or credit, to the merchant for him to see your signature, you put yourself in jeopardy. in my case, one of the incidents was credit card guess work. the card hadn't even been out of my house but there was a computer glitch that allowed thieves access to numbers. 150 people were arrested and although it's been several years they are still being processed by the feds. the first one will be getting out of jail in about 18 months.

oh and cash isn't any safer. travelers checks are insured but you still can have a problem. making it worse, hotel safes are not as safe as we think. ours was ripped out of the wall because they couldn't open it. it was found a distance away, opened and all of our 'safe' items were gone.

Originally Posted by TomFrederick View Post
>>> " I only use a credit card at Ling's and at my timeshare."
----- Ditto! Would never use a debit card out of the country except at a BANK ATM. At Lings my credit card is processed right at the cash registers and never leaves my sight. Usually carry American Express Travel Checks for restaurants and front desk and casinos will cash them.
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