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tom, what you are not getting is that none of these things is safe. credit cards, checks, debit cards, cash, travelers checks each have their own problems. you may get your money back eventually with some of these things but by the time you do, you have had enough aggravation for a lifetime. cash-you will NOT be insured for more than $200 on any insurance policy. hit a jackpot at a casino. get mugged on the way out. it could be big money but they will cover $200. been there. credit card-you will get locked out of your account until they send you a new one. they don't usually fedex them anymore either. been there. travelers check-anyone can sign it. you will get the checks replaced but can be without money for several days if you are not local. personal checks. they not only get them and fake your signature, they also now know your name, address, possibly your phone number and the account and bank it was drawn on. debit card-you probably will not get your money back although it depends on your insurance company. i would suggest an account that had just enough money in it to cover what you might spend. no overdraft protection. no transfer of money from another account. mine never has big money in it. even if they steal it. they will reach that limit very quickly. it's more of a pain than a loss.

so you can have a hand held or a machine held scanner. it makes no difference. either way you are screwed somehow. nothing is safe. you just have to be lucky.

Originally Posted by TomFrederick View Post
>>>> "a debit card doesn't leave your hands most of the time either. you are there holding the card, swiping it yourself and no one but you puts the pin number in."
---- But now their are little devices that can be attached to a BANK ATM machine where you put your card in and if you are not watching where you stick your card they can get your # and pin.
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