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elaine, we all tend to look like we are blaming the victim in a crime. it's the reason rapes are often not reported along with other crimes that are much more minor. the problem in this world is that scammers and criminals are out there and for every form of protection they find 2 ways to get around it.

remember that you have been lucky as have most others. in the last 5 years i have had 2 burglaries, 2 credit card compromises and identity theft along with car vandalism. only two of those things were in aruba. i've done absolutely nothing to cause it. i am cautious. i put cash and other valuables into a safe. i lock doors, lock car doors, don't hand over my credit card to easily, don't bank on line nor store my info on a computer, and at least a dozen other safety precautions. i have a high tech security system on my low tech house, lol, and still have been a victim 5 times. i've been lucky that in all of those times, only my cash wasn't replaced and we were never physically in danger.

just remember that it isn't because you do or don't use a credit or debit card that things turn out ok. it's because so far you have been lucky. i suggest remembering it because the law of averages is against the person who has been lucky. as a friend of mine was told when his malpractice insurance doubled in price when he had never been sued in 20 years of practice, 'the law of averages is against you and we believe in that law'.

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sherry... I do know how much time Aquaman spends on the island, and why a debit card would be beneficial.

I also know that cash may not be the safest bet, but it's worked for me for 17 years, as have the safes and security at my timeshare. (thank G-d) If I have to use a credit card, I always have one with me..

Last year, at home, my credit card was compromised.. I know the aggravation it causes. I must say that the bank very quickly noticed the bogus charges, and closed my account immediately. I now check my account on a daily basis.

I hope my post was in no way interpreted as to blaming Aquaman... or any victim of this type of crime. That sure wasn't my intention.
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