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We always travel with a wing and a prayer.
In AUA, we use credit cards at our resort, at the rental car place, at Ling's...often at restaurants. No problems in 22 years.
Traveler's Checks are becoming "dinosaurs", I believe. I think some agencies will issue you a cash card for the former value of your stack of traveler's checks. Haven't investigated this, but I believe I have heard that AAA is moving in this direction.

I will mention the restaurant because this one is a positive outcome. In September, our friend paid the bill at Pizza Bob's. She left her card in the credit card folder. We wandered through the Alhambra and went back to CDM. About 45 minutes later, she discovered that she did not have her card. We called Pizza Bob's and she walked over to retrieve it. This would have been a prime opportunity for theft of number, but it DID NOT happen. Pizza Bob's and the server were totally honest. I like to mention places where this happens!

It is one positive report, but it is always great to share good news!

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Let us hope that good people prevail in all locales.

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