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i was the other "debit" situation.
typically i only use the debit at an ATM machine.

well, i got to the register @ kong fui and had in my wallet 0 dollars and my amex, discover, master card and my midflorida credit union visa debit.

bottom line is i swiped the midflorida debit thru the machine (zip zip) and then realized i used debit instead of credit. i also did not have to enter my PIN and did not have to sign (?)
so, the bill was $16 and change.

sherry mentioned to me that aquaman and bobbie had a debit fraud problem.
paul and i saw them on friday, heard their story and went back and looked up our act online....saw the $16 debit over a week ago and then a $40 debit on dec 23 and a $40 credit on dec 24. hmmmmm fishy huh?
so, i called the bank and they in turn connected me to fraud dept.
the card was cancelled and NO way will I ever use DEBIT anywhere EXCEPT at ATMs.

typically for trip i bring a mix of cash and traveler's checks.
i never (almost never) use the debit card.
i rarely use credit card except for car rental.
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