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thanks andrea! you were on your flight home when i found out about this from aquaman so i posted only knowing part of the story. i really appreciate your clarification.

ironically, i just got my first debit card (love using my credit cards for air miles, lol) only to use for emergencies and at costco which is limited to amex. now i am thinking it may never be used anywhere but for emergencies.

it does concern me when i hear of two incidents at the same location. that doesn't mean that you should not use this store, it just means to use other methods than debit cards to make your purchases.

Originally Posted by andrea j. View Post
i was the other "debit" situation.
typically i only use the debit at an ATM machine.

well, i got to the register @ kong fui and had in my wallet 0 dollars and my amex, discover, master card and my midflorida credit union visa debit.

bottom line is i swiped the midflorida debit thru the machine (zip zip) and then realized i used debit instead of credit. i also did not have to enter my PIN and did not have to sign (?)
so, the bill was $16 and change.

sherry mentioned to me that aquaman and bobbie had a debit fraud problem.
paul and i saw them on friday, heard their story and went back and looked up our act online....saw the $16 debit over a week ago and then a $40 debit on dec 23 and a $40 credit on dec 24. hmmmmm fishy huh?
so, i called the bank and they in turn connected me to fraud dept.
the card was cancelled and NO way will I ever use DEBIT anywhere EXCEPT at ATMs.

typically for trip i bring a mix of cash and traveler's checks.
i never (almost never) use the debit card.
i rarely use credit card except for car rental.
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