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Default Re: Nice stories of nice Arubans

We have been going to Aruba for years, and one bartender who is always at the hotel offered to show us around where the locals go. He took us around and also to Charlie's Bar. It was a great day, and, of course, he did it on his day off!

On the other hand, I would like to forget when I went into a store that I go in every time we're there and the woman said "I remember you, you've gained weight."

Lastly, at Juggling Fish I went in to get something that I had gotten my previous time there (1-1/2 months before) as someone else wanted one also. Unfortunatley they did not have it. The woman working there remembered me from the most recent and previous times being there and said next time your cruise ship is in, come in and look again, we should be getting more in. I started laughing and said that I did not work on a cruise ship and that I just come to Aruba a lot.

I don't think that many other places in the world who get so many tourists would remember one person, but it happens all the time in Aruba.

My friends are always remembered in the casinos, but that is for another reason! I don't have enough money to be recognized in a casino!
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