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Default Re: Nice stories of nice Arubans

Originally Posted by Corrine
After buying our timeshare at LaCabana, we were excited and nervous. We went to El Gaucho to celebrate. Had way too much Sangria! When we came out, my husband asked the "doorman" in uniform to get us a cab. While looking at us funny, the gentlemen somehow flagged one down for us. As we got into the cab and got a closer look, my husband went deadly silent. I asked what was wrong and he said that wasn't a "doorman" that was a police officer!

We were mortified but thank you, kind officer, for tolerating 2 tipsy Americans!
That is funny. Here - The officer might have arrested him for Disorderly Conduct.

In Feb. of this year was my 1st. time and I meet PapaWito and Family. Was at their home ate with them. We email about every 2 weeks now. It felt Sooo Special to me. We are going back this July and he has tried to get me to stay with them - but I just couldn't. He knows!! But I know if for some reason I had to - I would just show up - and say " Whats for Dinner - I am hungry."
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