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Default Re: Nice stories of nice Arubans

My favorite story is about Sandra. I had been communicating with her online for a while before I met her in person in 2004. I was so impressed with her that I couldn't wait to meet her again in 2005. This past March, she had my husband and myself to her home for the most wonderful BBQ I have ever had. She and her husband couldn't not have gone out of their way anymore if they tried. She opened her home to us as if we were family. She also helped me celebrate my birthday this year by going out to dinner with us, had beautiful handmade gifts for me that she made herself, and is possibly the warmest, most generous person I have ever met.

Sandra and Erik are just assets to have as friends and are the most important reason why we now visit Aruba yearly. I can't wait to see them both again next March.
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