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Default Re: Nice stories of nice Arubans

I just thought of another one. I got an ear infection and a Dr. appointment was made for me by the front desk at the Allegro. I decided to take a bus as the location of the Dr.'s office seemed within walking distance to the bus station, supposedly by Pharmacia Oduebar (unsure of the spelling) but was really quite a bit farther. Well I could not find this Dr.'s office. I asked a bunch of people who kept telling me different places (but all in the general location). I was suprised that no one knew where it was, but I kept asking and looking. I was finally ready to turn around because I was frustrated and hot, and couldn't find a taxi because of the location I was in. I stopped in the Dollar Store and the manager said she knew where it was and said it was too far to walk (I could have walked it, but I was so hot and frustrated) and gave one of her employees, a young male the keys to her truck and said to bring me to the Doctor's office. He did! And it was the right place! He even said he would walk inside to make sure I was going to be seen. I said no problem as I knew it was the right place because I saw the doctor's name on the front, Dr. Bermudez. I gave him $5. which he didn't want to take, and happily (?) I went to the doctor's office. When I got home, I went for a follow up at my Dr. and they were shocked at one of the medicines that was given to me because we don't use that in the US because it was too expensive. I believe I was given three, maybe two prescriptions, and it cost about $80. total. My Doctor said that it would have cost me over $100. for that one prescription only. Arubans, gotta love them.
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