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Default Re: Nice stories of nice Arubans

Thanks JIm, for the topic.

We were in Aruba during the solar eclipse in 1998. There were 4 of us on a cruise stop and after seeing the eclipse, we wanted to explore the island. Flagging down a cab wasn't hard, but we got a lot more than expected. Wish I caould remember his name, but the cab driver realized we had no idea where we wanted to go first so offered to give us an island tour... for $20 for all 4 of us. He took us to the high rises, the low rises, the light house, natural bridge, the aves, baby beech, haystack mountain, and -- I forget the name -- but the large rock formation you can climb. He stopped at each location and gave us plenty of time to explore and ask questions before heading for the next place. He spoke english well and answered all of our questions, even adding more info than we asked for. He took our pictures, walked with us on foot tours, pointed out the sites, the houses in the different districts, the govornment buildings, and made sure the air conditioning in the car was up full blast for our comfort. About 3 and a half to 4 hours later, he brought us back to the docks and when we tried to give him a $20 tip for everythng he did for us, he refussed it, saying it was too much. He took $4 in tip in addition to the $20 and would not take anything more. What a wonderful first impression of the island.

During our honeymoon in '99, I bought a couple of shirts at one of the shops in the "Birthday Cake Mall". Been back every year since and the gals not only rememeber me, but also which shirts I purchased in the past as they dir3ect me to new, but similar styles. My husband bought a bow and arrow set there in 2000 and the owner still remembers that too.

And Jimmy the bartender at Divi Village (we're so gald to hear he's returned!) not only remembered that we drink virgin pini coladas and when, he also remembered our room number... a year later!!! We'll have to tell him we've moved though, or he'll be charging it to our other unit.

There are so many nice, friendly people that come to mind it woudl take forever to list them all, but they are appreciated, every one.
-- Teresa

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