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Default Unbelieveable arubeans

Many years ago, my son had an accident while jet skiing.. He got dumped by a mini power boat and their propeller got to my sons legs... it looked like a lion got to them... Anyway, I was at baby beach and my son was on the beach at Playa Linda with my Mom. His friend got him out of the water, but he was bleeding really badly. My Mom was terrified and ran to the front of the hotel and hailed a cab.. The cab driver normally wouldn't take wet passengers but he didn't hesitate... He took my Mom and son to the hospital. Better yet- the driver asked my Mom how much money she had, she said about $30... He handed her $100 and said she might need it. He said he knew which hotel she was at and just to leave "the loan" at the front desk and not to worry about it, just to take care of my son. He went on other calls while they were in the hospital but when they were done the taxi driver was at the front door of the hospital waiting to take them back to the hotel. Tell me where else on earth a taxi driver would not only go out of their way, but give you money? Bless that man...
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