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Default Re: Nice stories of nice Arubans

On my first visit to Aruba, a friend of mine purchased a rather expensive necklace from the Gold Mine Jewelry store on our last day. The owner (can't remember his name) usually takes a picture of the customers wearing their purchases. He told us he would have the picture developed and bring it to the airport to her. We thought, yeah right. Well, later on that afternoon, we are at the airport, swarming with people, here comes this guy, making his way through the crowds, just to bring this one picture to his customer. We couldn't believe it. I still shop at his stores.

Another one. In 2003, during our stay at CPV, we came back after a day at the beach, and there is a message on our telephone. Please call Angelica, the General Manager soon as we return. We thought, OMG, what now. When I contacted her, she told us that we would have to leave our unit due to a plumbing problem in the unit next to ours. We were not really happy about it, but we wouldn't have any water. But it wasn't going to ruin our vacation. So we moved to another unit for 2 days. For our trouble, we were given a free dinner at Valentino's. That was great for me. A free dinner!! It was my first time to Valentino's, and it wasn't cheap. Every day, Angelika, would stop by to see how we were doing, and would make sure that we were happy. We assured her, we were fine and the Dinner was more than enough. That year, my Mom was with me. She admired a necklace that Angelica was wearing. Angelica explained that she makes jewelry in her free time. Two days later, Angelica stops by and wants to see Mom. She made a beautiful ameythest (sp) necklace for her. It is absolutely gorgeous. Angelica has been more than generous to us already. At this point, she tells us that she is giving us a free week for our next years visit. WOW, I am in shock. Angelica is one of the most caring, generous people I know. We keep in touch throughout the year. If you would like to meet her, you can find her at the poolbar at CPV. Tell her Carol sent you.
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