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We had asked to be seated in the small front room (it is quieter). They have redone this room since last year and it is very beautiful. There is now a large table at the end of this room, set off for some privacy. The chairs are now small booths with very cushiony seats; maybe a little too cushiony as my feet couldn’t reach the floor. We wanted to get a pitcher of Sangria, but I was worried I wouldn’t like it. The waiter brought me a small amount so I could try it first. It was good, but not quite as yummy as the one at Salt & Pepper. We ordered a medium pitcher. The steaks no longer come with a salad, which was fine for me, as I don’t like any of their dressings. We both ordered the Gaucho steak and Chris ordered a side salad to start. The garlic dipping sauce was amazing, as usual, as was the perfectly prepared steak. The corn, potatoes & broccoli were all excellent. We were too full for dessert (too full of Sangria!) even though we each only ate ˝ of our steaks and took the rest back with us (the waiter also gave us a small container of the garlic sauce). $81 with service included.
-Amy B.
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