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Default Re: moving to aruba!

Well, Jmack, you sure know how to make a native born Aruban now exiled to Alabama jealous!

The weather in Aruba is highly predictable. The climate is semi-arid which means it gets less than 20 inches of rain a year. That makes for desert-like landscapes (that is probably not what you were expecting but the scenery is unique). It rarely rains with the rainest time of the year occurring during the last three months of each year. Even when it does rain, it usually comes in the form of brief but intense squalls that blow across the island. After about half an hour of rain, the sun usually comes back out. Daytime high temperatures occasionally get into the 90's and nighttime lows are generally in the 70's with very little (if any) seasonal variation. Temperatures are moderated by the almost-constant tradewinds which blow across the island from the East at about a 20 knot clip.

Cars can be bought or rented and all the main roads are paved and well maintained. Car rental rates are probably based on the typical one or two weeks that tourists are on the island. I have no idea what kind of long term rentals would be available.

By law, jobs go to available Aruban candidates first. If there are no available Arubans to fill a job, non-natives will be hired. Something like bartender is transient enough that you can probably find some work. How are your language skills? It would be a great asset to your job-hunting prospects if you can speak languages other than English.

The legal system and, if fact, all governmental institutions are Dutch. You will find that Aruba is a stable democracy with a relatively high standard of living and some of the friendliest people anywhere in creation.

Find time to study!
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