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Default Re: moving to aruba!

unless you are a boy genius you are old enough to drink or drive. it is a zero tolerance country though and the jail isn't air conditioned, lol.

remember that you will never make good money setting up a clinic in aruba because it is socialized medicine. also, the chances of getting the opportunity to do anything medical there besides learn are slim to none because all jobs are offered to arubans and dutch citizens well before being offered to americans or any other future ex pats. we have many medical professional friends and they have learned that the medical field is always taken by citizens.

you are right though, nothing beats aruba and after you spend a little time there you will learn that it is a place you do want to return to when your studies are done. just be prepared for difficulties getting a job.

Originally Posted by Jmack
It is a american based school housed in aruba. I would only be going to medical school there for 2-3 years, then i come back to the states to finish up. When i get back to ny, i will be practicing emergency medicine. Long island jewish hospital located in ny, is one of the hospitals affiliated with the medical school in aruba. I would also hopefully like to set something up in aruba, like a clinic or something, but thats in the long run. I need to get my M.D. licence first. I think the transition should be good. I was looking at other countries as well, but nothing beats aruba. A big plus was that a good majority of the population speaks english, so that should help me adapt well.
Where can i find out more about local laws in aruba? for example, legal drinking and driving limit? is it zero tolerence, etc.? My only concerns are knowing the laws, so i dont get my self in trouble for something stupid. I dont want to be like "well its ok to do this in ny, so it must be ok to do it in aruba" lol Thanks again for all your help, i'll keep you all posted.
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