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Default Re: cooks restaurant

I've been to Cooks last night again and it was superb.

We went with a group and we sat at the grill table. I ordered the tuna Japanese style, which was a sushi type dish for appetizer. It was raw tuna on top vegetables with soya dipping sauce and wasabi on the side. My husband had the Salmon delights for appetizer. I've tried a piece from him and it was great. It was smoked salmon marinated in a lemon garlic marinate, cream cheese and caviar on top.

We've all tried bits and pieces from eachother because you get a lot of food. I can not say that there was something I didn't like. They have an excellent creamy Shrimp Soup.

Those of us who ordered steaks and loin rib were able to grill them ourselves sitting at our table. That was a wonderful experience while drinking our wine and some of us who liked beer were drinking Duvel, a Belgian beer. As I said before the steaks and ribs are gigantic.

My cousin order the Stewed Lamb, which is a local dish. I tried a little piece of it and it was excellent. I ordered the loin ribs and indeed these are the best ribs on the island. No dispute.

I've spoken to the owner and he informed me that he will be posting his menu on this website.
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