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Default Re: cooks restaurant

Originally Posted by Cooks Restaurant View Post
Cooks Restaurant has introduced its Christmas Menu Special.

The menu consists of:

Appetizer ---> Ayaca (It is a traditional tamale but wrapped in banana

Main Course --> You have Two Choices:
First Choice is (Black Angus) Prime Rib served with
fresh corn, Fresh Baby Spinach in garlic sauce, Fresh
Gold and Red Beets in a Tarragon sauce, with your
choice of either baked potato, mashed potato or
french fries. This dish is served with a FREE Glass of

Second Choice is Grilled or Broiled Grouper in the
delicious local creole sauce and served with Funchi
or Pan Bati or Basmati Rice, Fresh Baby Spinach in
Garlic sauce, Fresh Gold and Red Beets in a Tarragon
sauce. A FREE glass of wine is served with this dish.

Desert --------> Your choices of Chef Pedro's fantastic Quesillo (Local
flan) or Ice Cream. Coffee or Hot Tea included.

All this for only US$ 27.80 + Service Charge + Sales Tax.

For reservations please call us at +297-588-4296 or e-mail us at
Yum! More restaurants should serve pan bati. It is delicious and you can't get more authentically Aruban than that!
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