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Default Re: cooks restaurant

no, i haven't yet been but i have been getting reports from friends who really like cooks.

i have sent you my email.

Originally Posted by Cooks Restaurant View Post
I'm sorry to hear you won't be in Aruba.

Did you visit us without me knowing?????

For the All You Can Eat and Drink Special, we are looking at what the reactions are. If good we'll keep it as a regular thing every Friday instead of the Happy Hour.

Up to now the reactions are fenominal. There are a few companies who booked a few Fridays completely for themselves because they've tried it last Friday.

Last Friday was great. The only thing I regret was that we didn't have enough tables for everyone, with the result we stayed open untill 12:30am only for those who didn't get tables earlier. We have seating for only 106 people comfortably.

For the regular menu we have changed a few things. I have new picture I can send you. Just let me know your e-mail address and I'll send a few.
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