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Starting January 19, 2008, we'll start again with our All You Can Eat Special every Saturday from 7 to 9 pm.

You'll have three package choices:

1. US$25.00 plus service charge plus sales tax and you'll get an All You Can Eat consisting of salad bar, soup of the day, Steak, Loin Ribs, Mahi Mahi, Chicken kebabs, (Ssssshhhhh ask the Chef for some Shrimp On The Barbie just for you, but don't tell))side dishes, and end it with a desert.

2. US$35.00 plus service charge plus sales tax you'll get the All You Can Eat and All You Can Drink Red Wine or White Wine.

3. US$55.00 plus service charge plus sales tax you'll get the All You Can Eat plus the All You Can Drink Premium Bar.

On Fridays we'll have our Happy Hour from 6 till 8 pm with Live Music.

YES...TELL EVERYONE YOU READ IT HERE ON WWW.VISITARUBA.COM FIRST, where all the news about Aruba is first posted. It'll be untill Monday that you'll read it in Aruba Today and next week you can see it on TeleAruba Channel 13 or 23 in the Carnival Program Den Dje.

For reservations call 588-4296 after 3 pm or e-mail us at

Stay tuned for more news and updates on forum.
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