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I Love Aruba Re: cooks restaurant

Art... how great that you not only had a great meal, a ride to and from, but you got to meet Bobbie and her husband. I was lucky enough to meet them a couple years ago at Cooks, but it was preplanned.

I ate at Cooks twice last month, and both dinners were wonderful. I loved sitting in the lounge area enjoying an after dinner drink with Ommi ~ chilling out, talking, having a few laughs.

It's a beautiful restaurant... warm and comfortable.

While talking to an Aruban friend, he told me that the Kiwanis Club was having a dinner there the following week, and of course I told him how great the food was and how hospitable Ommi and Haydee were. The report I got after that dinner was that it was super, and they'll be many other dinners at Cooks. Made me feel kinda proud for Ommi..

Let's hope we have problems getting a reservation in the near future because it'll be booked. Wait, when we do have problems, can we tell Ommi we knew him when?? lol

Speaking for myself, I only go to Aruba once a year, but I'm not complaining because I stay a month. I feel pretty darn lucky.
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