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I Love Aruba Re: count down time

Too funny, Ro!! I have two Aruba drawers!! Not the ones you wear!! lol
I buy stuff through the year when it's on sale, and stash it away for my next trip! So far, no new sandals, but a couple new bathing suits!!

I buy my suntan lotion when I get there 'cause I love the Aruba Aloe...

Now we can holiday count instead of daily count!!! arty:

Originally Posted by roschone View Post
And to really get me in the mood, guess what I did yesterday? I bought a whole bunch of suntan lotion that was on sale at Walmart. Just couldn't pass it up. When I buy lotion for our trip, it's usually February and the pickins are slim. Got some really good deals yesterday. Going to start my Aruba box in the basement nice and early this year. Ha, like 8th months early. No, No - I mean 5 HOLIDAYS early. Again, thanks for the logic Elaine. Works for us, right Ruba?
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