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Originally Posted by Elaine S View Post
Too funny, Ro!! I have two Aruba drawers!! Not the ones you wear!! lol
I buy stuff through the year when it's on sale, and stash it away for my next trip! So far, no new sandals, but a couple new bathing suits!!

I buy my suntan lotion when I get there 'cause I love the Aruba Aloe...

Now we can holiday count instead of daily count!!! arty:
You are definitely more organized than I am. I always SAY I'm going to get stuff for Aruba throughout the year, but there I am every February scrambling around. I have my Aruba boxes that I start when I return from our trip, but by the time vacation rolls around it has migrated to the unknown corners of our house. Maybe this year will be different - right now I'm off to a good start. I won't burn anyway!
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