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Default Re: Bluegreen Club/Lacabana

your numbers are incorrect re: Bluegreen ownership at Lacabana. I do not have the exact figure but it is not 20%. It is a higher percentage, closer to 45%. Interval does not own any Lacabana.
The remaining units are owned by Lacabana owners and a small percentage owned by Lacabana...those units are the foreclosure units and many are currently forsale.

Originally Posted by Entropy View Post
We have been to Aruba 7 times and stayed at LaCabana every time. We have, in general, enjoyed ourselves. We've made many friends during weeks 16/17 and have never had any problems with the staff of LaCabana. We plan on coming back again. One thing that anyone taking a timeshare tour should understand - BlueGreen owns only 20% of the rooms, Inteval owns 20%, and LaCabana owns 60%. You can buy a timeshare that is deeded from LaCabana members who are selling. If you decide to buy points from BG be aware that you may not be able to get into LaCabana. With Interval we have always been able to trade in, and if there is ever a time that we can't, then we can get into 1 of 17 others on the island. BG is only at LaCabana. Talk to LCB owners services if you are interested in buying at LaCabana. We had our BG experience at LaCabana and found out what we bought was misrepresented by the salesperson. We were able to get out of it because of his misinformation, but only because BG LaCabana Aruba let us out. BG's home office told they would be glad to connect us with resale services and that we were basically stuck. Cudos to the Sales Supervisor at BG LaCabana, but they need to retrain the salesperson. Even after telling him that this was our 7th stay at LaCabana, he still insisted on showing us around and actually showed us a remodeled room right next to out room (even after we told him that all 3 of our rooms were in a remodeled section). I could go on, but... Anyway, we will be back to LaCabana. We will bring more friends and family. We will continue to recommend them. We will enjoy the great staff and service.
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