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Default Re: Hotel vs timeshare rental advice needed

let's see,

first, welcome to our forum. we are here to help.

i want to make sure i understand since it is very early and i also have a headache but the tylenol hasn't started working yet, lol. it's you, hubby, baby and sister. you were planning to do a package via toronto. you may go to the rad in that package.

your questions are:

1. is the rad going to be comfortable for 3 adults and one child in a standard room
2. will they upgrade you there or can you possibly get an upgrade
3. would a timeshare make sense.

i have a few questions then i can answer you better. what day of the week does westjet fly? although direct is great, can you do any other option that has one stop?

now my answers and all are totally my own opinion (trying to make this concise since the head really is throbbing)

1. if you are used to cramped quarters then it is. the rad is lovely and i really like it. however, 4 people in one hotel room is not my idea of fun unless forced.
2. they may upgrade if they have the availability but you will pay for that upgrade
3. yes! even if you get a one bedroom, they will supply a crib the livingroom will have a sofabed and you will have a kitchen. the money you save having some meals in your room eases the price difference. if your sister is saving that much money flying from seattle, she can contribute a bit to the timeshare. $3-500 from her and you are back to even. a trip to the grocery for lunch meats, bread and snacks along with some beverages such as beer or wine and you are way ahead plus you have no crowding and more creature comfort.

the important factor on this is what day your flight will be. then we know which timeshares are available. also, depending on the day as to what bargains you can find. if you find a deal thru an owner you can save a lot of money. i'm staying at a 2 bedroom timeshare at costa linda in august for $1400. it is friday to friday but it is an example of the prices you will spend for a typical timeshare.

i hope this helps.

Originally Posted by amarg View Post
I'm trying to plan a trip to Aruba for our first time in September. Going will be me, my hubby, my baby (age one) and my adult sister. We are having a bit of an issue planning as we are in Toronto and my sister is in Vancouver, BC and flights from Vancouver to Aruba are difficult to say the least and her best bet is either to fly to Toronto and come with us or fly from Seattle the day before through Atlanta and meet us in Aruba. There are great packages from Toronto but zero from Vancouver which leaves us in a bit of a dilemma. Do we book our packages at the Radisson and then try and add her on as additional person? Is this even feasible? The rooms offered right now and apparently all we can get are standard rooms and I'm concerned about all of four of us in there. I can sleep with my sis and baby and dad can share a bed but I don't want to be on top of each other. Is it possible to get an upgrade on our room through the hotel when we arrive or call them and negotiate? If we book flights and hotel separate from Toronto, the only direct flight from Toronto is by Westjet and runs once a week and since they prefer to sell it as a package and not flight only, it's about $850 each return. Going through the US is not an option for us and our baby. All things considered, I am beginning to wonder if it's not best for us to get a good deal on renting a timeshare as we were not doing all inclusive anyhow. Then my sister could save some money as she can fly from Seattle to Aruba for $600 and save the money she'd be spending if she flew to Toronto and then to Aruba. If she came to Toronto she would buy a package with us and it would be a completely separate trip and additional costs to her coming from Vancouver -very expensive. However, the flights for my partner and I would then be about $1700 alone and the package we were getting at the Radisson for 7 nights was $2561.00. So if we add another minimum $1500 for timeshare, we are at $3200 before any food or activities. I don't know what to do. I don't know if we should try to find a reasonable timeshare or book the package for us and try to add my sister on or if she should fly to Toronto and get her own package. I have spoken to various travel agents here in Canada as well as MCM tours and none of them are much help, they all seem dumbfounded by our situation and just wish we would shut up and book. If we book the hotel separately, of course it comes out to a huge amount so that's why I'm thinking timeshare instead unless my sister can be added at a reasonable rate. Sorry this is so long and convoluted but I need help and I have a headache from dealing with it for over a week now. I need to figure it out and book it already. Thanks for any advice!
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