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Default Re: Hotel vs timeshare rental advice needed

i think paradise beach is saturday to saturday but check on tug2. many people will rent for the price of their maintenance or maintenance plus a small amount. that is probably the reason it is that cheap because the place itself is lovely. i have friends who own there (aquarius on our forum is one) and have been on the property. understand that a upgrade at the rad is not going to give you a gigantic room. no matter what, it's going to be two beds in a room. if the price for an upgrade doesn't bother you than the price of a timeshare certainly shouldn't. plus what you save on a quick trip to a grocery vs restaurants for breakfast or lunch will certainly make up for it.

check out tug2 and forums for specific timeshares. casa del mar, paradise beach, aruba beach club (they only have one bedroom units), la cabana are a few that will be in a decent price range. google the links for the timeshares and you should be able to find one.

Originally Posted by amarg View Post
Hi guys, thanks for your replies but going through the US in NOT AN OPTION.
The $600 for a week sounds like a deal to good to be true. The flight would be Saturday to Saturday so Sept 4 to 11, 11 to 18, 18 to 25.
I don't mind paying extra to upgrade the room but just don't want to be stuck in cramped quarters with only two double beds, not even queens if we can't get upgrades.

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