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Default Re: Hotel vs timeshare rental advice needed

So I have found good deals on Casa del Mar and the Marriot. Of course the CDM is a 2 bdrm for the price of a 1 bdrm at Marriot but now we are considering two weeks so my options are doing both weeks at one property and same room, it's slightly cheaper to switch rooms but I can get the same room too at CDM. Stay at CDM for a week and Martiott for the other week and get an experience at both. I'm renting a car so getting around is not an issue. I just don't know which property to choose as I'm a Newbie. Any advice? We are fairly young and like to see and do a lot on vacation and not just relax. Access to kids services important.
Also, do you recommend travel insurance and if your Canadian, through who? Thanks.
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