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Default Re: July 6-17 Observations

welcome home walt! glad you had a great time. interesting observations. wonder what the 'fugitive' had done. hopefully the wind will be back within 16 days so we get to cool down a little from the weather here.

Originally Posted by Dogwriter View Post
Just Back:Highlights
Back from Divi and CDM on Saturday night. Had a great time, as usual.
There was a screaming fugitive in the last seat of the plane going down. He was surrounded by burly authorities, returning him to Aruba. I don't know what they did, but he suddenly fell silent with lidded eyes and a glazed-over expression.
It rained more than we have seen before in July.
There was much less wind.
There were more flies and gnats.
It was hotter than usual and the locals were complaining.
The Divi is doing some nice work. New landscaping, Bali Beds, lounging pool and more.
Divi and Tam felt like England in a heat wave. There must be some great prices being offered because we have never seen so many Brits. Usual accents are Boston, CT and New York. This time, London, Liverpool and Wales.
Upgrades at Casa del Mar are moving along well. Beach was far better than last year. Pool is still a problem. Does not stay clean all day.
Bully was great. Waiting for us at the airport and got us back with time to spare.
Arubafastphones and Iris got my SIM card to me right away.Fantastic.
World cup semis and finals made the island festive. When a cabbie asked who I wanted to win, I told him, Holland, because they were the underdog to the favored Spain." I guess he misunderstood what that meant, because he was offended and overcharged us.
The airport is my favorite, coming and going. Food, drink, shopping, slots, TV and even smoking areas make it a nice adventure, even on a Saturday.
Matthew's Rib Night still great, as is Promenade Appetizer Dinner.
Too hot and hectic this year at Texas de Brazil.
Tortuga Grill at ABC is still the best-kept secret, best priced venue for great food at good prices, right on the beach.
Downtown is empty, even on a Saturday night.
Palm Beach is the new "downtown."
Won't waste time going to the Marriot again. Plenty to do without going up there.
Number of visitors from South America is up as well. Seems Aruba is not counting on just American tourism dollars.
Glad to be home, but missing Aruba already. I guess that is a good sign.
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