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Default Re: July 6-17 Observations

Hi, thanks for your observations. We are staying at CDM for two weeks, Sept 18 to Oct 2 and it's our first visit to Aruba. Very excited of course! Why doesn't the pool stay clean all day? What are they doing about it? Does this mean the kiddy pool is icky too as we have a 13 month old going with us (13 months at time of travel, 11 months now) and so we chose CDM cause it is so baby friendly but I can't handle a gross pool. Are they good at listening to guests requests and/or complaints at CDM? Is there anything else I should know about going there? We are staying in a presidential, room 1213 and I wonder how the beds are and the comfort, air conditioning, water pressure, kitchen amenities, etc., but I'm sure it's great overall.
Do you tip the maid daily in a TS rental or at the end of the week end of stay or a few times here and there?
Does anyone know when renting someone else's TS, beside the rent and the energy surcharge, are there any other fees, charges, taxes, etc., that we should expect or be aware of? If we charge things to our room while staying there, is there an extra charge for that or an automatic gratuity, tax or service charge applied? Is it a good idea to charge things to the room or pay cash as we go?
Thanks so much for all your help. Last question, mosquitoes and weather in mid to end of september?
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