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Default Re: Honeymoon in Aruba

wow! congrats elisa! how hot and exciting, lol.

i would do one of the 4 hour snorkel cruises such as the octopus or the tranquilo. those are two of the smaller ones so they have more attention paid to them.

Originally Posted by elisabeth_nj View Post
Hi Guys!!! Thought I lost you, somehow all my favorites on my computer dissappeared and couldn't remember the exact website name to get to you all! Phew, gotta love google!

Anyway...we had an exciting event in our lives this past Saturday our oldest daughter got married! What a great time we all had! Still extremely tired!! The wedding was ON THE BEACH here at the Jersey Shore with a heat index of 114! OMG it was hot hot hot! We all planned on going barefoot walking down the "isle" but the sand was way too hot But we got thru it and the newlyweds are going to Aruba on Thursday for thier honeymoon.

They are staying at our Timeshare at LaCabana (well NOT OUR UNIT) and need suggestions for these lovebirds. Francesca has been there with us a few times but her new hubby Sean has not. I thought they should do:

Jeep Tour (I always liked ABC)
Jolly Pirates Sunset Cruise
Maybe the Tatoo or the Kukoo Kanuku (they are in their 20's afterall)
I think i've got the restaurants already selected and of course for the first couple of days all they want to do is R&R.

Can you think of anything else? They will NOT have a car. They are coming over tonight for dinner so I will give them some of my old literature, maps, and print out some webpages for them that I think they might be interested in.

Thanks All...your always the greatest!!!
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