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Default Re: Honeymoon in Aruba

Thank you all! Last night I put the laptop on the patio table and showed them some of the before mentioned things (Jeep tour, kukoo kanuku, jolly pirates, mi dushi, etc.) I took ALL the kids on a private Tranquillo sunset cruise one year and they did have a blast but I think tht might be "too calm" for them. I would love for them to get wild and crazy with rope swinging and all. My mind is racing trying to think of other tips that I would have forgotten last night like the supermarket prices being in Florins, tips added to some bills and some not, reminding her of the "large" room where you need to retreive your luggage and NOT LOSING THE LITTLE WHITE CUSTOMS CARD! These are the things I remembered this morning and quickly wrote her on her facebook page (she working 1/2 day today). I slipped them some money last night to treat themselves to a 'NICE FINE DINING' experience and would love for them to go to MJ's but that's their choice. Also threw in some extra for an excursion(sp). Thanks for the well wishes and I know they will have a blast!!

Lets see if I remember how to get a pic up here of the newlyweds:

P.S. I made the cake!!!
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