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Default Re: Divi Phoenix vs. La Cabana??

barbie, the divi phoenix is a timeshare with really nice units in several sizes. it is on the beach and they have high rise, low rise and their new units that i understand are beautiful.

the two major differences in the places are that one is across the street from the beach and the other is on the beach and lacabana has more kids therefore more activities for kids.

you are right that eagle beach is beautiful but so is that part of palm beach since it is sort of cut off from the other timeshares and hotels so not over crowded.

either place is excellent depending upon your needs.

Originally Posted by barbiesara2003 View Post
The Phoenix is a hotel right on the beach whereas LaCabana is a timeshare across the road from the beach. It depends on whether you want a hotel room or an apartment with a kitchen. Personally we prefer being on the beach which is why we have a timeshare on Eagle Beach. However how decide, have a great trip.
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