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Default Aqua Grill

Mrs. 44 and I enjoyed a nice supper at Aqua Grill last night. This is a 90% seafood place, which is difficult for me because I don't like fish. Anyway, started with crab cakes and a salad both very good. Mrs. 44 reports the crab cakes were loaded with real crab and they were not greasy like they can be. So, off to a solid start. She then had the sea bass with some vegetables. Tasty, perfectly cooked. I had a little steak, which was fine.

Service here is on top of everything. Well worth the 15% service charge. The wine list offers plenty of choices, too, so check it out.

Photos on the blog at:

Aqua Grill, Aruba The Bent Page

Bon dia from Aruba.
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