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Default Re: rental and sale prices-should they be posted?

Every TS rental websites that I know of do require rental/selling prices to be shown.
(See for yourself.... RE:,, etc...)

It's time consuming for nothing not to show them, it's so much more efficient for both parties when they are accessible. There's always some "daydreamer" who thinks that the value of their TS has gone true the roof since they purchased or that they can rent/sell their TS for the same price the developer do.....

Time is precious.
The only thing that should remain private is the negotiation process, public price negotiation should not be allowed on the board.

Plus it gives everybody a fair idea of the market. I don't see a price war going on, an adjustment to the reality of the demand vs the supply maybe but that's not a bad thing.

I've seen in the past tenants giving different rental prices for the very same rental based only on who was asking...
I've seen renters skipping a rental because they weren't aware that the tenants has lowered their asking price since it was first requested...

In consequence, I'm in favour of pricing publication in the ads...
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