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Default Re: rental and sale prices-should they be posted?

I voted #3 It should be up to the individual.

Now in my time on this board and the other Aruba Boards where they have Time share rentals and or sales I have seen some prices posted and others not.

Now to me I look at it this way for example

If I want to rent a 2 br for a week at CL ( Costa Linda for those that don't know the abbreviation) for say late July 20 -27 then If I see one listed for a price then I see one with no price during the same time . I don't see it as a big deal to get in contact with the owner of the unlisted price unit and find out what his price is. Could it make it a price war Yes possibly. depends on what the unit has and the view. The person with the listed price might just have the standard unit with the furnishings that came with the unit.

The one with the unlisted price they may have added newer appliances Maybe a 50 inch Plasma 3d TV or a or a surround sound stereo system Newer Fridge or a custom Bed . You find that out when discussing the price if you are intrested. I really have no preference But I will say that if someone does quote a price online then I know what kind of ball park numbers that it will be around for the unlisted .

Now if someone who has an unlisted unit available and when talking to him I find their price is like $500 dollars above the quoted price then I can question that person why their unit is so much more expensive. They may have a reason they may not.Then as the consumer I reserve the right of either accepting or refusing.
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