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Default Re: BREEZES - Tried it - WOW

Sherry, Eagle Beach Boy,
you are 100% right of course. The RIO used to be a super Steakhouse. We ate there all the time. Once this new project started, we were looking for a specific type of restaurant. Nice - not elegant, wear what you want, simple to read menu, a healthy approach to preparation (no grease but instead olive oil etc.) . We talked to a few restaurateurs and then Arthur Solomon showed up in my office and in a big husky Jamaican accent said to me " Hey Mon - I wont to do a food ting here". We talked for about two months and then it started taking shape. Like I said, I don't want to overdo the promoting since there are so many great restaurants on Aruba but - give it a try.
Regarding the building; It is in the process of being transformed into a full health focused building. SANTOSA is there with their latest SPIN CYCLES and other exercising equipment. Their services are excellent and the entire team there is European and their act is together. The second floor is being remodeled by Dr. Alvarez where she will be offering a whole series of treatments and other regular clinical services. Kind of a "Vacation and find out how your health is" at the same time. they do stress tests etc.

The building is being revived. One step at a time.

Hey - Anyone want to open a FULL DAY SPA on Aruba Let me know

be well
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