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Default Re: bait and switch?


Thank you for responding and clarifying some of the issues regarding the current arubafastphones issue. We were very satified with your service on our last visit in 2003 when you owned the business.

But the core of the issue that I focused on the "bait and switch" is the escalated price change from the advertised cost for the sims card. The current website when I made my reservation offered a sims card for $10 with 24 minutes to US. Then I was informed it was $35 for 84 minutes to US. When I requested fastphones to honor the advertised offer, I was twice told it was unavailable and the representative was too busy to take it down off the website.

If one advertises one price and then upsells customers into a less advantageous package-- with no valid attempt to change the published offer, this scenario is a bona fide bait and switch. The location of the kiosk is ancillary.

Your conscientous defense of your former business, coupled with polite restraint, is admirable. But I think you missed the point. Glad to learn that lack of professional ethics is not SOP on the island.

Best regards, Clarabell

BTW, my third email to on this situation has gone unanswered. I will take this as mere unprofessionalism by the current management. With that said, I have no further interest in wasting more time over $25. Bon Bini
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