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Default Re: bait and switch?

Hey there Linda. I would do the following - based on the following:

So often people back home will jot down your number and keep that as "SPOOKIES" Aruba number. 80% that if you go to the DIGICEL store or to the sundry at your hotel-motel-timeshare-condo or beach hut and get some extra minutes,, that it will reactivate the old number. In the event it does re-activate, any unused time is counted back in. Neat huh?
You know what they say, "Us old SIM cards can be stuffed away but we seldom die".

Give that a shot and if it doesn't work, give Iris or a person of your choosing, a call.

be well

Originally Posted by lindaspooky View Post
Charles, thank you also for replying. In November I got a sim card at the airport, paid $20 for 54 minutes. Had absolutely no problems.

During my visit I reloaded minutes at the Digicel office. Will I have to get a new preliminary card this year or can I just add to last years?

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