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Default Re: bait and switch?


With all due respect, your analogy is not on case. It is totally understandable for a restaurant to substitute grouper for lobster because it is a perishable commodity. I highly doubt that a Sim card is in short supply. Universal advertising standards dictate that any offer should be readily available at the stated price. If the offer is limited in supply, that should be duly noted such as limited time, only 5 available etc.

If is truly concerned about customer service, a more appropriate solution would be to admit their omission in not changing their website, apologize to the customer and make a concession for the inconvenience. Of course, the website offer should immediately changed. None of this happened in my case. Wondering why I wasn't offered Linda’s $20 with 54 minute deal?

In any case, this incident is a small wrinkle in what I hope is a wonderful vacation. I do appreciate your attention to the matter and suggest you recommend to the new owners to change their website to reflect their current offers.

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