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Default Re: bait and switch?


Nothing fishy here. I am just a consumer wanting to buy a sim card in Aruba.

Would you please clarify if the $10/24 minute is not available any more or not available during my stay? As of 1 minute ago, the original offer is posted on

Let me clarify that I did not say that the money didn't mean anything. I did say the drama of the situation was not worth $25. In part this is principal and another part is financial.

No need for a refund. I never gave cc information. I appreciate the offer to try to make me happy. I merely ask as a consumer to be treated in good faith. If you can't live up to your ad, I only expect a reasonable explanation and a substitution which is not a 350% increase.

May I cordially suggest that if the new owners would like my business, please send me a pm. Again, I thank you for your intervention and guidance.

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