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Default Re: bait and switch?

clarabell, i can tell you similar stories from many things. less than three weeks ago when i arrived in aruba for 2 weeks i wanted to get a setar card from the gift shop at costa linda. they were out of every one but the 20 afl card. i bought two although i had really been wanting a different denomination. i then went to the front desk and tried to buy 3 one week wifi cards for the 3 computers that would be in our timeshare that week. i knew that the next week we would need two one week cards. they only had one month cards. ironically, we were able to use them for two weeks. so in a 10 minute span of time two requests from two different sources were not possible.

it is a small island. things change by the minute. resources dry up and resources open up. if any of these people changed their websites to accommodate the changes they would have to hire an extra person to program. the fact that the price hasn't changed, it is still the same cost per minute as the original card and the same price per minute as 2003, shows there is no bait and switch intended. i am assuming it is the principle and not the cost. understand that island time is happening for both the website and the initial distributor of the card.

some things aren't worth the time or energy. next week, those cards may be available again. remember, it is a small island. setar is in control. what they offer is what they feel like and arubafastphones is as susceptible to the frustrations as the tourists.

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Well, there is a practical solution! I have been waiting for a response from fastphones for 3-4 days now. Maybe they will send me that offer now that Charles has been kind enough to intervene as he stated earlier today. At this point, I don't think it is incumbent upon me to contact them with this offer.

Thanks for taking you time to dig out your old invoices!

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