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Default Re: bait and switch?

the answer is easy... no we do not do any sharing of information. we never have and never will. however, how charles would get any info is easy though. if he is in contact with afp, which he says he is, then he knows exactly who has sent them 4 emails and asked the questions you have. once he has that information (email or name), he can easily check back to his files as the previous owner.

Originally Posted by clarabell View Post

Thank you for your explanation. It would have been nice if I have received this kind of reasonable response during any of my 4 emails to the vendor. In fact, the one I sent three or four days ago has still not been answered by them.

I do have one question for you. Charles mentioned that he investigated my reservation requests with I appreciate his doing this for me, but I wonder how he got my contact information since I use a pseudonym here. Does this board share personal contact information with other board members?

Thanks, Clarabell
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