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Default Re: bait and switch?

ok, clarabell,

i have to say this. this man owned the business and is involved with the business as a previous owner. they ask his advice as the people who bought our business 6 years ago did with us. it is how business works.

now understand and read your first post. you had given me enough info in your first post for me to know you contacted iris, asked her questions that few would ask, and had almost had an altercation with her. i could have called this iris person (i have never met or conversed with her in any way) and said, one of our members said and did what you described in your first post and she would have been able to say to me, oh yes, a woman did contact me 4 times with questions and i told her yada yada. charles is involved with the business. he and iris will share info when she or he have a mutual concern. that is business.

clarabell, i don't mean to be rude but you are beating a dead horse. the horse has been beaten to the point that it is now soft and mushy along with being dead. you wrote to these people, they answered you, you had to have given a name. it is a matter of record with their company. it is easy to check on. it is easy to search you out as the owner of a business that does keep records. the gentleman has answered you. we have answered you. you come up with more questions. there was no bait and switch, there was no giving info to afp by us or anyone else, and there were no illegal practices.

please give it a rest.

Originally Posted by clarabell View Post

Please check the thread. Charles wrote that he investigated my claim before I said I had contacted 4 times. Additionally, it would be impossible for him to figure out who I was with his old records. All my contact info has changed.

I am more than a little uncomfortable that this company chooses to share my information with their former owner without my permission. They have access to about my identity and my travel plans. Charles seemed like a nice guy when I met him. But it more than creeps me out that they willy nilly share my personal information without my permission. But I do appreciate your effort in trying to explain the situation.

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