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Default Re: bait and switch?

Same here...we bought our phone years ago too. We find it convenient if we have to make calls to the storage people, or the incident last year when Hans came to pick up the car and Ray left the laptop in the was lucky that I had the cell with me...called Hans before he was able to leave the airport. Ray uses it now just for calls to his brother once in awhile and we call the kids to tell them we arrived.

But the main reason we bought it all those years ago was because my mother was still alive and had lots of health issues. She was in a nursing home and it was good that they were able to get ahold of me anytime they needed to. And believe me...I spent alot of time on the phone with them a couple years.
Reservations are also easier....we just like having it around.

Originally Posted by Elaine S View Post
I find having a cell convenient... I use it to call my Aruban friends; they call me, and I use it for reservations. As for calling back to the states, I use Skype which I love. It's cheap, and I don't have to get dressed to go make a call. I can use Skype or my cell any time I feel the urge, day or night.

Having bought my cell from Setar years ago, it's paid for itself many times over. I leave it with a friend who lives on the island, and when I get there it's charged, and loaded with minutes..

Different strokes, I guess.
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