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Default Re: bait and switch?

Originally Posted by charlescroes View Post
The following is my e-mail personal address
Keep it a secret.
Please send me all of your pertinent arrival information and dates as well as where you will be staying and I will do what I have to do to get you a SIM card that has $10 worth of airtime on it. FREE - NO CHARGE - TIPS NOT ACCEPTED AND NON-TAXABLE.
By the way, I tried to read and follow this whole thread but got lost somewhere along the way. It's almost as though I am missing some posts? I am thinking there were private emails or messages sent but then the topic kept returning to the board and wouldn't stay private? I'm not sure but it confused me and so I am sorry if in the thread there was answers to my questions about the benefits of arubafastphones and I just missed it.
Basically I just wanted to know if there were any "real" issues with the cell company besides the lack of $10 cell cards and if the rates and service are comparable to arubadiscountcells.
Also, as for the company not updating it's website in 7 months, that seems to be the way Aruba "rolls" so to speak. I have tried contacting various people and places in Aruba via email and phone for the last 3 months to facilitate our plans for our trip and have rarely heard back, and if I have gotten any answers, they have been weeks later.
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