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Default Re: bait and switch?

You have several good points and concerns. I will do my utmost to answer these for you.
The current thread is confusing to say the least and well on its to no longer being a thread but going into the ROPE division. A serious topic took a "right- turn" instead of a left and this has become more of an attempt at "Comedy Central" and not the original issue at all. That happens sometimes.

We, along with about 4 other companies were the first ones to go into the cell rental business. I got into it because I was on the original consulting team for "New Millennium" - which is the telephony company that eventually was bought out by DIGICEL. For this reason, I have the unique phone number I do have. 730-0001. My wife at the time, has 730-0002.

Yes we still are in the rental business but we are no longer located at the airport but instead now deliver to the customers at their hotel.

SIM cards are not something we personally load ourselves. They come in denominations and are subject to availability from the suppliers. SIM cards (if I am not mistaken) are not even made on the island. This has caused us some issues since our add offers them in the denomination of $10. A point of interest, which I really haven't mentioned much is that almost all our $10 customers call back and ask on how to get more time. This, by the way can be easily done.

You are right about Islanders having a "take-your-time" attitude, however I have tried to be more timely than 7 months. Renting a cell phone is normally one of the last things on the list before getting down here- so it is normally the one that requires the hastiest response and action.

You have our web site. Just move forwards and make your reservation.

We are redoing our entire sight and it now reflects more of modern feel with a different set of informational services. The text is not 100% yet, however it gives you the general idea. the signing in is slightly different.

Cell Phone Rental Aruba -

I would be very interested in your comments on the site (up to date) considering it is still a bit off from being finished.

I hope to have answered your questions.

be well

Originally Posted by amarg View Post
By the way, I tried to read and follow this whole thread but got lost somewhere along the way. It's almost as though I am missing some posts? I am thinking there were private emails or messages sent but then the topic kept returning to the board and wouldn't stay private? I'm not sure but it confused me and so I am sorry if in the thread there was answers to my questions about the benefits of arubafastphones and I just missed it.
Basically I just wanted to know if there were any "real" issues with the cell company besides the lack of $10 cell cards and if the rates and service are comparable to arubadiscountcells.
Also, as for the company not updating it's website in 7 months, that seems to be the way Aruba "rolls" so to speak. I have tried contacting various people and places in Aruba via email and phone for the last 3 months to facilitate our plans for our trip and have rarely heard back, and if I have gotten any answers, they have been weeks later.
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