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Default Re: bait and switch?

Hi Charles, thanks for your response to my post. I went on the link and checked out your new website. I have a couple of things I can give feedback on and hope you don't mind the criticism. However, you asked for it...

While I think it's great that you have links and info to other Aruba informations such as nightlife, restaurants, hotels, car rentals, etc., it is a little repetitive and similar to the, visitaruba, arubabound and other sites. I actually thought that I was on the wrong site as it doesn't seem like a phone rental site at first, there's just so much going on on the home page. That being said, I think it will be ok once the site is finished and the phone rental information more complete. I do like being able to get other information and it is advertising space for you as well. It's just a little busy and overwhelms your business, Fast Fones. Fast Fones needs to be the main focus I thought.

The phone rental info only lists one option for reservations at $50. Is this the only option? With arubadiscountcells there are a few options, including Blackberries for rent. They have a deal which I have decided to go with (unless you have something comparable) where you get a Blackberry with unlimited data, internet, and 57 airtime minutes as well.

Does Fast Fones have any other packages or services? Data?

Also, the line: "our services include cellular phone service and much much more..." What does that mean exactly? What is the much much more? It's very open ended. If under Reservations you had other services or plans listed, maybe. Or, can I suggest listing what other services you provide in the About Us section? There isn't a hint of anything more than one cell phone rental plan or $10 sim card sales and then that line appears. It's out of place IMO.

That being said, I know you have said it's incomplete and I hope I have not offended you in any way.

Thank you for your sense of humor to by the way. It's greatly needed on these forums. Unfortunately, there is no character key for intonation and sometimes I find that people bicker, take things the wrong way or get offended and then in turn become offensive on these forums for no reason at all. I am sometimes scared to post anything in case someone misreads it and attacks me again. I don't think anyone intentionally means to hurt or misguide anyone on these forums but depending on a person's frame of mind, things can taken completely out of context when dealing with purely internet communication. It drives me nuts!

Thanks again!
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